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iPad games as early bonding tools, better than TV

feeding choice foods directly into her mouth as a bonding tool, while we are cooking

cooking is a great bonding tool, side-by-side ingredient prep, comforting smells, plenty of opportunities for side hugs and pats on the back and gentle joking,

affectionate things to say to your child in their language “Wo de Child’s Name”

get a big rocking recliner

ways to snuggle a big kid (straw instead of bottle, maybe in a huge recliner instead of a rocking chair)

the need for a thick skin when adopting an older child

naming your older adopted child – sounds that are difficult for Mandarin speakers to pronounce properly: TH, X, R (ok if it’s at the end of the word), L within the word unless it begins a syllable,

the behaviors we saw in China and how quickly they disappeared once we were home and she saw how our family interacts

this is not about our warm fuzzies. if you get them, cling to them, remember them, write them down, refer to them. but do not expect them for a long time. You’re in this to rehabilitate a kid, warm fuzzies come later.

setting up an iPod Touch for your new teen

ways to teach them to memorize your phone number, names and address.

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