不理她 “” – Ignore him/her.

“Nee shoe-yao shun-mah?” – What do you need?

“Nee shahng?” (while pointing to something) – You want?

说客气话 “Shwo kuh-chee hwah” – speak kind words

“Shway jao” – Sleep

我不生气 “Whoa boo shung chee” – I’m not angry.

昨天,今天,明天,和永远. 我爱你. “Zwo-teean, jean-teean, ming-teean, huh yong-ywan, woe eye nee.” – Yesterday, today, tomorrow, and forever, I love you. (This is what I say to my girl at bedtime, or anytime she denies our love for her, whether playfully or angrily.)

“Leemao duh shungyin” – polite voice

“Dung-die” – wait

“Dee yee” – first

“Win-joe” – Gentle



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